siRNAsense news:

25.01.2010: siRNAsense has received notice of "Decision to Grant" from EPO
on composition for its lead drug candidate, siRNA targeting Tissue Factor for treatment of Cancer Metastases. Patent is already granted in Japan and Australia.

23.03.2009: Press release: siRNA oncology project with focus on photochemical internalization delivery involving the companies siRNAsense, PCI Biotech and SpectraCure awarded €1.1 m Eurostars grant and ranked 3rd in Europe.

siRNAsense AS today announced that a consortium focused on effective siRNA cancer drug delivery has been ranked 3rd out of more than 300 European projects and will receive € 1.1 million in funding from the EU Eurostars Programme.

The consortium comprises the three companies siRNAsense, PCI Biotech and SpectraCure, and the project is entitled "Photochemical Internalisation for delivery of short interfering RNA (siRNA) – towards safe and specific cancer therapy". All projects were assessed by carefully selected independent technical experts and an independent evaluation panel. They were then ranked across all industries based on an assessment of the project, technology and innovation, and market and competitiveness factors. The project was ranked as number three of the 317 submitted applications. The three partners are contributing equally to the consortium. Read more

16.06.2008: Press release: siRNAsense chooses Polyplus-transfection's delivery system
siRNAsense today announces that the company has chosen to use Polyplus-transfection’s “in vivo-jetPEI” delivery system for the systemic delivery of their drug candidate “siRNA targeting Tissue Factor” for treatment of melanoma metastasis. siRNAsense selected Polyplus´ delivery system after experimental validation of several potential delivery systems. Read more

12.06.2008: siRNAsense has received support from the Norwegian Research Council for development of the Tissue Factor project, targeting metastatic melanoma.
As one of five companies, siRNAsense received support from the Norwegian Research Council's FUGE / BIP program for the development of the Tissue Factor Project targeting metastatic melanoma in 2008 and 2009. We see this as an aknowledgement of the quality of this project, and see this as a very important factor in the development of the drug candidate towards clinical studies.

22.11.2007: siRNAsense a member of Oslo Cancer Cluster

siRNAsense AS announces that it has been accepted as a member of Oslo Cancer Cluster (OCC), a Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE). The purpose of Oslo Cancer Cluster is to give patients access to better cancer diagnostics and therapies. OCC wants to be instrumental in moving scientific progress from the world-class research performed inside the cluster companies and supporting university hospitals to the world market.
Oslo Cancer Cluster aims to become Europe's leading comprehensive cancer cluster along the lines of the highly successful US model from MD Anderson Cancer Center and Memorial- Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
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  • BIO2010, Chicago, May 03.-06 .
  • ECCP (European Cancer Cluster Partnering), Toulouse, Sept 3.-4.
  • BIO-Europe 2009, Vienna, Nov 2.-4.
  • RNA Interference Summit, San Francisco, June 8.-10.
  • Anglonordic Biotech Conference, London, Apr 23.
  • Nordic Venture 50, Copenhagen, Oct 20.
  • RNAi Europe, Stockholm, Sep 16.-18.
  • BIO2008, San Diego, June 17.-20.